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CA Shangri-La  

Old Barn in Autumn

    Sycamore Lace

CA Shangriila 28"x36"


Old Barn in Autumn 26"x31"


Newport Beach Abstract 28"x36"

  Sycamore Lace 28"x36"
Spring   Muir’s Building Blocks   The Source   Snow at Big Bear

Spring 36"'x28"


Muir’s Building Blocks 36"x28"


The Source 36"x28"


Snow at Big Bear 36'x28"

  Dancing Waves    
Winter Lake 28"x36"   Dancing Waves 28"x36"  

Orange Vista 16"x24"

  Monet's Garden 28"x36""
Quartet: Pool 21"x 21"   Quartet: Waterfall 21"x 21"   Quartet: Koi 21"x 21"   Quartet: Bonsai 21"x 21"
CA Moutain Tapestry 12"x30"   CA Destert Tapestry 12"x30"   CA Grove 24"x16"   Patterns 24"x16"
CA Coastal Tapestry 12"x30"       Tree Spirits 24"x16"    
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